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NFL Divisional Playoffs Open Thread

Ravens at Broncos followed by Packers at 49ers, who ya got?


Both Mile High Report and Baltimore Beatdown have good game threads going as well, and I'm sure they're more than annoyed with my presence over there, but I'm in a good mood and feel like sharing my opinion.

Nothing major, mind you, but I'm on the edge of calling the Ravens winners of this game straight up. I really am. I think Peyton Manning is going to gyrate himself out of a few possessions as he constantly tries to keep his foot on the gas.

I think the Ravens have all season been so desperate for Joe Flacco to be that kind of player, they've forgotten the fact that he is not, and cannot run that kind of offense.

For the sake of keeping Manning off the field, they will slow this game down to a crawl. Run double-tight, own the middle of the field, tight ends on Denver's weaker coverage linebackers.

Make it only three maybe four scores, Denver can be beaten in that kind of a game.

But then, I'm not John Harbaugh. He obviously knows what he's doing.

Open thread for the divisional games today, enjoy everyone, let's live vicariously through a round of the playoffs the Steelers haven't seen in four years.