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NFL Divisional Round Open Thread: Sunday edition

We're back at it again to go over the games that will determine the remaining conference championship teams.

Scott Cunningham

Baltimore and San Francisco advanced yesterday, and await the winners of the Seahawks and Falcons and the Patriots and Texans.

Green Bay eliminated my hope of going undefeated against the spread this playoff season, but I'm feeling good about staying on track for 10-1.

Stick around and comment away, yesterday's thread would go into the Hall of Fame, if there was one, not just for the drama it brought out (the reactions right at the time Jacoby Jones caught Joe Flacco's bomb are priceless), but for the quality of comments in one of the most discussion-worthy games we've ever seen.

I'd say odds of getting a game on a similar level of drama as Baltimore's win over Denver are very low, but clearly, odds don't matter in these playoffs, so get something cold to drink, log in and stick around, we'll be here all day. Let us know where you are and how you are.