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Bill Cowher now cowering away from comments regarding a planned return to NFL coaching

Mere days after admitting an intention to return to the head coaching ranks, Bill Cowher is now contradicting his own statements.

Mike Lawrie

On the NFL Today on CBS pregame show prior to Saturday's AFC divisional round playoff matchup, host James Brown questioned analyst Bill Cowher about reports concerning his return to NFL sidelines as a head coach. Cowher's answer didn't contradict the reports about his intentions, he refuted his own words from just days earlier.

A few days ago at a press junket promoting CBS and its coverage of the Super Bowl XLVII, Bill Cowher was asked if he would want to return to coaching and if he felt he would be up to the challenge of adjusting to a game which has changed since his last job as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers just six years ago.

Neil Best of Newsday asked Cowher directly if he planned to return. Cowher answered, "Yes". However, when Cowher answered Brown on Saturday, he basically called himself a liar.

Contrary to reports, I have no plans on coaching. I plan on being with one team. And that is this team here at CBS.

Whatever happened to the days when a man said what he meant, and meant what he said?

Perhaps Cowher's answer to Best didn't settle well with Cowher's current employer, and his comments were an effort to put out a smoldering ember. Cowher is well compensated for his efforts with CBS, without near the scheduling demands of the average NFL head coach. It would be understandable if Cowher did not wish to lose his current job until he had new employment lined up.

On the other hand, maybe Cowher's comments toward a return drew unwanted attention from undesirable suitors, and he was attempting to put an end to rumors now until his contract with CBS nears its end. Last but not least, there also resides a slight chance CBS persuaded Cowher to change his mind, either financially or otherwise.

Perhaps he will return to coaching someday, but it won't be anytime in the foreseeable future. Whatever the reasoning was behind the self-contradiction, the only thing Cowher seems sure of, is he isn't sure about anything.