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East/West Shrine Game Practice Report

The first three days of the East/West Shrine game have been entertaining and have put a lot of NFL draft hopefuls on the national stage. Some players have taken advantage while others have not.

Darren Carroll

For full reports on Spring Practice, you can check out Walter Football's Charlie Campbell's analysis here and Mocking the Draft's analysis here. They have both worked diligently to break down the Shrine game for those who have been unable to watch the practices.

Players who impressed:

Ray Graham, running back, Pittsburgh - Graham has shown the incredible quickness and vision that he flashed at Pittsburgh and is really helping himself, according to onlookers. With a strong week, he could raise his stock to the third or fourth round.

Matt Scott, quarterback, Arizona - Scott has shown a good throwing motion, good athleticism, and the ability to make good decisions. He is helping himself tremendously this week and he could go as early as round two in April.

Colby Cameron, quarterback, Louisiana Tech - Cameron is very much like Scott in that he has a developed throwing motion and good athleticism. He has a big time arm and could be a third round pick.

Keith Pough, 4-3 outside linebacker, Howard - Pough is a supremely talented player with a ton of upside. He has looked very comfortable in pass coverage and solidified himself as a draftable prospect.

Jasper Collins, wide receiver, Mount Union - Mount Union is slowly becoming a wide receiver factory producing Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts in the past couple years. Collins appears to be the next big thing from MU. Collins caught 92 balls for 1,694 yards and 22 touchdowns last year. He is making a strong case to be a mid round pick next year.

Emory Blake, wide receiver, Auburn - Blake struggled this year, playing with an awful quarterback. However, he is standing out this week showing his route running ability and his great hands. He could be a third or fourth round pick if he runs a decent forty at the combine.

Terron Armstead, offensive tackle, Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Coming from a small school, Armstead needed to have a big week and so far, he is. He has shown the ability to play both left and right tackle and he also seems to have the versatility to play guard as well. While he may never be a starter, he could be a versatile utility linemen similar to Trai Essex.

Devin Taylor, 3-4 outside linebacker, South Carolina - Taylor is huge at 6-foot-8, 270 pounds and he at one point was considered a first round pick. However, his stock fell but he is slowly raising it again this week. He has shown that he has the strength and athleticism to be an NFL outside linebacker and he also has the technique as well. He could end up being a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

Demontre Hurst, cornerback, Oklahoma - Hurst is a physical corner with good leaping ability. He has shown the ability this week to be a man cover corner in the NFL and his stock is on the way up.

Terry Hawthorne, cornerback, Illinois - Hawthorne is an active player in the run game and has the tools to be a solid zone corner at the next level. He came into the week with hopes of going on Day Two in April and this week will help those dreams.

Micah Hyde, cornerback, Iowa - Hyde has been on the NFL radar for a while now and he is showing why this week. He has not had a bad play yet and looks like he is ready to start at the next level. He could be a late second or early third round pick.

William Campbell, defensive tackle, Michigan - Campbell is less heralded than teammate Craig Roh but he has had a great week. He has been unblockable at times, showing impressive strength on his bull rush. He should solidify himself as a draftable prospect.

Blaize Foltz, offensive guard, TCU - The only player who has been able to block Campbell so far has been Foltz. He has shown impressive strength and also good quickness. He should be a mid round draft pick after a strong week.

Christine Michael, running back, Texas A&M - Michael was the star of Texas A&M at one point in his career but he fell off the map this year. However, he has shown NFL scouts his impressive quickness and physical ability this week and he this weeks performance should guarantee that he gets drafted.

Scott Vallone, 3-4 defensive end, Rutgers - Vallone played defensive tackle at Rutgers but will transition to DE in the NFL. On Tuesday, he was impressive, recording a sack and winning a lot of one on one battles. He should be drafted late and could be a big steal, similar to Justin Francis was out of Rutgers last year.

D.C. Jefferson, tight end, Rutgers - Jefferson is massive at 6-foot-6, 250 pounds and he has shown off his impressive athleticism this week. He is a very good blocker but is showing that he can go out and catch balls over the middle of the field as well. Jefferson continued his strong week on Wednesday, getting wide open in the endzone twice only to be overthrown both times. He should be a fourth or fifth round pick after a solid showing.

David Bass, defensive end, Missouri Western State - Bass is a small school speed rusher with a great set of pass rushing moves that he has put on full display this week. He has been beating everyone so far and with this performance, he should definitely end up being picked in April.

Nathan Stanley, quarterback, Southeastern Louisiana - Stanley has shown a lot this week and has shown that he has the tools to be developed into a solid quarterback. He could end up being a late round draft pick after this weeks performance

Gerald Hodges, 4-3 outside linebacker, Penn State - Hodges has been the star of the game so far. He has shown that he has all the tools to be a dominant outside linebacker at the next level and he could see his stock raise as high as the second round.

Sio Moore, 4-3 outside linebacker, Connecticut - Moore has had two dominant days of practice, showing the ability to read the read-option and also stuff running plays. He has shown improved pass coverage as well and should be a 4th or 5th round pick.

Josh Evans, safety, Florida - Evans has had an impressive week, showing abilities to cover wide receivers and deliver massive hits. He should see his stock rise to the fourth or fifth round if he keeps this up.

Rod Sweeting, cornerback, Georgia Tech - Sweeting has had a very strong week, showing the ability to be a man cover corner at the next level. He has been praised constantly by the coaches and could end up as a third round pick.

Earl Wolff, safety, N.C. State - Perhaps nobody has helped himself more so far than Wolff. Wolff has had two awesome days of practice, intercepting a pass on Monday and delivering crushing hits on Tuesday. He seems to have the ability to be a great safety at the next level and could see his stock rise to the fourth or fifth rounds.

Wes Horton, 4-3 defensive end, USC - Horton never lived up to his potential at USC but he is shining this week. He is showing the full set of pass rushing moves and is definitely helping his stock. He could be a fourth or fifth round pick come April.

R.J. Dill, offensive tackle, Rutgers - Dill is a big offensive tackle who projected best as a right tackle. He is incredibly powerful and he handled the group of defensive linemen very well today. He could be a late round draft pick.

T.J. Johnson, center, South Carolina- Johnson, at 6-foot-5, 315 pounds, has the size of an NFL center and he has been great this week so far. He has excelled in both run and pass blocking and has the looks of a late round pick.

Lucas Reed, tight end, New Mexico - Reed continued his solid week, showing his athleticism and talent as a pass catcher. He has not shown much as a blocker but he should be drafted because of his receiving abilities.

Braden Smith, cornerback, Georgia - Smith had a great day on Wednesday, showing that he has all the tools to be an NFL corner. He showed great burst, great tackling abilities, and good hands, making an interception. He could be a late round pick.

Brandon McGee, cornerback, Miami - McGee impressed for the second straight day, showing lock down cover ability and great tackling abilities. He has helped himself tremendously today and could be a fourth round pick.

Players who did not:

Colin Klein, quarterback, Kansas State - Klein has been by far the worst quarterback at this game so far. He has shown horrible footwork, a terrible throwing motion, and no confidence. His stock is taking a plummet and I don't know if he will be able to recover. He will likely be a 5th or 6th round pick. However, Klein did look better Tuesday than he did Monday and maybe he is starting to find his groove. Klein had his best day of the week on Wednesday, showing his ability to run the read option and showing slightly improved passing abilities.

Zeke Motta, safety, Notre Dame - Motta had an awful BCS Championship game and he has not looked very good this week either. He was burned by Jasper Collins for a touchdown but followed it up with an impressive interception. However, I would say overall he has shown more of the same from the Championship game and he will probably be a late round pick at best.

Aaron Hester, cornerback, UCLA - Hester, at 6-foot-2, 195 pounds is a big cornerback but he has been burned over and over again in man coverage. He has shown that he is pretty much a zone corner only and his stock will likely be from the sixth round to being undrafted.

Sam Brenner, offensive guard, Utah - Brenner was abused all day on Tuesday by several different players, including Josh Boyd, Will Pericak, and William Campbell. He was getting yelled at constantly and he will likely not be drafted.

James Ferentz, center, Iowa - Ferentz struggled all season with speed rushers and that problem has continued this week. He is now probably not going to be drafted after being projected as a 3rd to 4th round pick before this season.