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Omar Khan expected to remain with Steelers front office

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After being declared a finalist for the vacant general manager position with the New York Jets, Omar Khan looks to be remaining in his current role with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

According to's Albert Breer, the New York Jets have found their next general manager in Seattle Seahawks vice president of football operations, John Idzik.

Idzik's hiring means the Jets are passing on former Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo, and Pittsburgh Steelers director of football operations and business administrations Omar Khan.

The fact Khan will not be leaving will come as good news to the Steelers organization, who have found themselves in a serious salary cap predicament. Khan's specialties involve number crunching and contract negotiations. His skills have allowed the Steelers to feel a championship contender each year, while staying within the parameters defined by the newest collective bargaining agreement.

The City of Pittsburgh is now breathing a double sigh of relief as offensive coordinator Todd Haley is also definitely returning to his job, after being heavily considered for the vacant head coaching position with the Arizona Cardinals which was filled yesterday by Indianapolis Colts OC Bruce Arians.

Idzik will have his hands full with the Jets, whose roster is in disarray, especially while Rex Ryan remains the head coach and main distraction. While Khan would have welcomed the promotion and pay-raise, staying with the Steelers will only fortify his resume if Pittsburgh is able to retake its usual spot in the playoffs once again.

With interview-related distractions now at their end, Khan will be back at the office doing what he does best - help the Steelers field the best possible roster they can afford.

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