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BTSC Screen Name Contest

Steeler Nation will welcome at least one new citizen in the very near future, and you can win a T-shirt by selecting her Behind The Steel Curtain screen name.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Time may have passed already to do a look back through the year of posts here on Behind The Steel Curtain. Or maybe it's a project for another day; one in which Steelers running backs aren't being arrested and waived.

Truth is, I'm buried with work. Not the kind you get paid for, more like the kind involving getting a house and life prepared to welcome a newborn.

Yes, SteelersWife is damn near ready to pop out our first child ("Yeah, and if I catch the guy who did it....!" That joke never gets old). In that, I've had to transform our newlywed home of clutter and disorganization into a home more equipped to handle an infant...among the clutter and disorganization.

I got a reader's suggestion a little while ago to have a contest to offer up suggestions for my daughter's name. I laughed at the idea, thinking it may be fun, although I'm not sure SteelersWife would be keen on it.

But from that, I thought it'd be fun and less pervasive to run a contest to select my daughter's screen name/moniker.

I'm trying to secure two T-shirts for the person/people who come up with the two finalists (no promises on that yet), and those two names will be voted on by the community over the next week or so.

Thanks to Steeler Fever for the idea, and we're gonna lay a few ground rules here.

Keep it clean, please. This is my daughter.

Specific creativity will likely be the biggest factor in this. I know you guys are creative, and I've broken down laughing at things you've said or screen names you've chosen for yourself many times. That's what I'm looking for here.

Typical screen name rules apply. Only a certain amount of characters, can't already be taken, 'n all that.

My daughter will be born in 2013, a part of the next generation of (hopefully) Steelers fans. While there's a huge amount of respect in her family for the Steel Curtain days, things more closely associated with the current generation may be more appropriate. That doesn't mean references to the 70s teams won't be considered, just giving you a fair idea of where my head is right now.

So that's it, let's hear them.