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Fiesta Bowl features great college offenses but elite defensive draft prospects

The Fiesta Bowl features two teams that have an argument to be in the National Championship game and they have a ton of NFL Draft talent as well. Kansas State features stud outside linebacker Arthur Brown and Heisman finalist quarterback Colin Klein while Oregon features a likely first round draft pick Dion Jordan and star running back Kenjon Barner.

Jonathan Ferrey

Arthur Brown, outside linebacker, Kansas State - No. 4 - Brown, standing 6-foot-1, 228 pounds, was a former five star recruit who originally committed to Miami before transferring to Kansas State. At Kansas State, he has reached his tremendous potential and become one of the best inside linebacker prospects in the country. He is currently projected as a second or third round pick and projects as a 4-3 outside linebacker.

Colin Klein, quarterback, Kansas State - No. 7 - Klein, standing 6-foot-5, 225 pounds, has the size and athleticism for an NFL quarterback but has awful throwing mechanics. Despite that, he led Kansas State to their best season ever and nearly won the Heisman. However, it will greatly limit his stock in the NFL Draft and he will likely be a Day Three pick by a team willing to wait and develop him.

Nigel Malone, cornerback, Kansas State - No. 24 - Malone, standing 5-foot-10, 185 pounds, does not have the size most people look for in an NFL corner. However, despite a lack of size, he plays very physically and is a great tackler in open space. He is a pretty good playmaker as seen in his five interceptions this season. He projects best as a slot cornerback and is rated as a fourth or fifth round pick.

Kiko Alonso, inside linebacker, Oregon - No. 47 - Alonso, standing 6-foot-4, 246 pounds, is a run stuffing inside linebacker prospect. He really came on strong over the last eight games this year, averaging over 7 tackles a game and collecting four interceptions. While known for his run stuffing ability, he has also shown the ability to pick passes off. He is projected as a fourth or fifth round pick but I could see his stock rise to the third round.

Kenjon Barner, running back, Oregon - No. 24 - Barner is an explosive, tough running back who is nearly impossible to bring down in the open field. He runs with great vision and actually displays some power when he runs as well. He is a good pass catcher and provides a threat in the return game as well. However, despite that, his stock is currently hovering from the third to the fifth round. I expect his stock to rise over the draft season.

Dion Jordan, 4-3 defensive end, 3-4 outside linebacker, Oregon - No. 96 - Jordan, standing 6-foot-7, 245 pounds, is an athletic freak with huge upside. However, he is very raw and is going to need a lot of developing on his technique in the pass rush. He has shown good cover abilities because of his athleticism. His stock is ranging anywhere from top ten to the second round and it is going to be a while before anyone knows for sure.

Kyle Long, offensive tackle, Oregon - No. 74 - Long is a big tackle at 6-foot-7 but weighs just 300 pounds. He is refined in pass blocking but needs to gain strength in order to become a better run blocker. He projects as a third or fourth round pick but could see his stock rise if he gains strength.