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NFC Championship Game Open Thread

We're a little slow...but we came around. Chat here about the NFC Championship game between the Falcons and...seems like no one else here in the second quarter.


Life has gotten in the way, and we apologize, but here is the long-awaited open thread for the NFC Championship game.

While there's no intrigue behind who the Steelers will play next week (understatement of the year), it is really fun watching both of these teams play.

Both Niners Nation and The Falcoholic have great open threads and insight behind these two great teams, so check them out if you get a chance.

The offensive precision of Atlanta has few rivals in the NFL. Despite ridiculous claims that Matt Ryan is somehow not an extremely talented quarterback because he "only" has one playoff win (where he shredded one of the NFL's best defenses), there's a thought he can't win football games.

Absolute nonsense.

While it's way too late to lay out why I took Atlanta +4.5 (I'm 7-1 against the spread these playoffs), it seems to be working in the Falcons' favor at this point.

I'd love to tell you not to count Colin Kaepernick out, but...well, I know I never expected him to even come close to duplicating his ridiculous performance last week, which was as much due to his skill as it was arguably the poorest defensive game plan I've ever seen in the playoffs (Dom Capers should be ashamed of himself).

Anyway...17-7 Falcons, feel free to comment away! I swear, the AFC Championship open thread will be posted on time.