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AFC Championship game open thread

Ravens at Patriots II could be even better than last year's classic

Al Bello

It will be difficult for this game to top the thriller we just saw in the NFC, but this was the primetime game for a reason.

The second consecutive AFC Championship featuring the Ravens and Patriots has all the makings of another epic game, setting up what could be a very intriguing Super Bowl.

Before that, though, you've got the destiny feel of the Ravens going against the dynasty feel of the Patriots. Joe Flacco looks to continue his push for respect and even more playoff success and Tom Brady looks to become the first four-time Super Bowl champion QB since Montana.

It's absolutely insane that New England is getting eight points in this game. And as much as this will anger people, I'm picking the Ravens against the spread, and to win outright.

Atlanta covering the 4.5 point spread means I'm 8-1 now against the spread in these playoffs. I have the Ravens covering (and winning). I'm on fire. Don't doubt me.