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Super Bowl 2013: 49ers installed as four-point favorites over Ravens

The San Francisco 49ers take an early advantage in the bettors' minds heading into Super Bowl XLVII.


The NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers are four-point favorites heading into Super Bowl XLVII, according to

The opening line of Baltimore's last three playoff games - on the road against Denver and New England - now have combined for 22.5 points, making them one of the biggest underdogs in recent postseason memory.

The question is, can they finish the job?

San Francisco could be the most balanced teams the Ravens will have played this season. The spark provided by second-year quarterback Colin Kaepernick gives the 49ers an explosive level of dimension on an otherwise powerful running team.

Baltimore can counter that with a defensive unit that's playing well-above the sum of its parts - at least as demonstrated this season. They aren't allowing big plays, and they shut down the Patriots' high-scoring offense in the second half of their dominating 28-13 win in the AFC Championship game.

Super Bowl lines can vary from day to day, but four points on neutral turf seems about right.

It's way too many points to give a Ravens team that has covered two of their biggest road wins in franchise history. The 49ers, though, provide plenty of reason for bettors to favor them, considering their depth offensively and defensively.