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The Super Bowl is the Super Bowl of sports gambling

From line spread and over/under bets to how long the national anthem will be, the books in Vegas look to break into another huge year with upcoming Super Bowl XLVII.

Larry French

One of the novelties for fans who don't care about the game being played during the Super Bowl is gambling.

Funny how that works. Whoda thunk professional sports could be little more than an avenue to support financial gains by those who wager on the outcome? Ahem.

Baltimore has been a dream for gamblers so far these playoffs. Three consecutive wins, two covers in that, and 60 percent of voters have gone with Baltimore in each game, giving voters plenty of reason to think they'll cover the current +3.5 spread they've been given.

Actually, it's no reason at all. The real reason would be they've gotten outstanding quarterback play and are playing great team defense; two recipes for success in the postseason.

The video above highlights the Steelers' epic 35-31 win over the Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII, when the Cowboys' late rally took them back to a four-point deficit to cover the spread.

A very small victory for the losing Cowboys...or at least those betting on them.

It also points out Super Bowl XLV, where Christina Aguliera's national anthem fell a second short of the posted 1:54 length established as the over/under line. Multiple flubs and the fact she forgot an entire line of the song sent people into a tirade.

Personally, I was just upset Christina Aguliera was singing the national anthem.

As far as Super Bowl XLVII goes, expect the line to stick at or right around San Francisco -3.5, although it is interesting one of the best teams against the spread in playoff history is again an underdog.

They just keep asking us to take their money. Not that BTSC is condoning gambling. Just sayin'...if you were into that sorta thing.