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Friday Happy Hour Open Thread: Let's fix the Pro Bowl

Give us your best idea on how to make the Pro Bowl more interesting, safer, more fun, more humorous, whatever.


It's Friday, we've strayed a bit from the Open Thread Friday format, but we're bringing it back.

We're also going to mix in a theme. The NFL editors around SB Nation have a conversation going about "fixing" the NFL Pro Bowl.

My take: The Pro Bowl can't be fixed. It can exist or it can be eliminated. There's no other way to play the game of football except all out (or at least kind of half-assed all out).

The NBA has a pretty good deal going for it in terms of an All Star Weekend. There's a billion different ways to play basketball - 3-point contests, slam dunk contests, Horse...there are no such variations of football that aren't gross distortions of the game itself.

We remember Robert Edwards, the former Patriots running back who's career essentially ended playing football on a beach. Players in the NFL are going to balk at the idea of doing anything that's outside the fringes of playing the actual game of football. That includes, but isn't limited to: Long distance passing, sprints, 7-on-7 passing games, flag football, etc.

Let's just say I'm, as usual, completely wrong, what are some other things the NFL could do in some kind of exhibition format? Maybe a different way you've played football before (I suggested Backwards Football, if for no other reason than my desire to watch the Heavies going out for pass patterns or seeing Jerod Mayo throw a pass down field).