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Senior Bowl 2013 Open Thread

Who would look good in black and gold? The 2013 Senior Bowl is on (4 p.m. ET ESPN), tune in and leave your opinion on who's playing well and who's overrated.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

SteelerNation loves its draft talk, and that, combined with possible coaching moves being made, make the Senior Bowl a hot topic of conversation and a hotbed of news.

North vs. South usually wouldn't factor in much if was school on school, but the all-star format of it promotes the top seniors in the nation in direct competition. More than anything, it's an opportunity for the top seniors to practice with NFL coaches (Lions coach Jim Schwartz and his staff are coaching the South squad while Raiders coach Dennis Allen and his staff are coaching the North). They're being evaluated as players and students of the game during practice maybe even more than they are in their performance in the game.

Odds are good multiple first round picks will come out of this game, so pay attention and share your thoughts and opinions of who's playing well and who could end up a Steelers rookie this upcoming training camp.