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As bad as it is, the Steelers are two games out of the AFC North

Turning this season around next to impossible, but thanks to a trios of 2-2 starts, the hideously 0-4 Steelers are only two games out in the AFC North.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Other than the NFC East, the AFC North is worst division in football so far. And yes, Pittsburgh is the worst team in that division, but if there was a year to start 0-4 this would be it. A win against Matt Cassell's Vikings would've been HUGE. Which is depressing. And they didn't get it. Which is depressing-er. And of course, that brings them to their worst start since 1968. Which makes you want to curl yourself up into the fetal position and crank up the Dashboard.

Things are broken. Plans have crumbled. And the one thing we've always been able to count on -- the defense -- is in a transition period, to put it delicately.

You can probably forget the Wild Card. And their shot at an AFC North crown is slim.

But they've been given a gift in the form of Week 4 wins for Buffalo and Cleveland. The Steelers can all but forget about two of their losses. In other words, they're sitting at 0-1 in the North and two games behind the other three teams. If the Steelers look at it that way, it's not so impossible top overcome.

Relatively Butt Hurt AFC North Divisional Records

Baltimore 1 0 0 14 6
Cleveland* 1 1 0 23 20
Cincinnati 1 1 0 26 27
Pittsburgh 0 1 0 10 20

*Cleveland beat Cincy 17-6 in Week 4, thus winning the head-to-head tiebreaker

Again, their chances aren't good. But that's on them, not necessarily the circumstances.

This might be a place where a person who liked the movie Silver Linings Playbook would reference it, but I thought it was a hunk of crap, so let's not go there.

The Steelers have 5 divisional games left. They're probably going to need at least 4 of them and about 5 other wins, so it's a long shot, especially given their play. But pronouncing their season dead at the scene in England is premature.

It's not impossible, but it will be if they think they're "the worst team in the league."

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