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Jets coach Rex Ryan vs. Steelers WR Antonio Brown in Dance Dance Revolution

Remembering back when Jets coach Rex Ryan shared a story about his competition with Steelers WR Antonio Brown in "some dance thing."

Nick Laham

Originally run Oct. 10, 2013

Press conferences with Jets coach Rex Ryan are never dull. That's an understatement. Even Tribune-Review reporter Mark Kaboly saw it as something of a treat.

Perhaps even opposing players feel the same way.

Ryan, the coach of the AFC Pro Bowl squad after the 2010 season, had the luxury of receiving exposure to Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who had made the team as a return man. Ryan was asked a question regarding how he planned to stop the combination of Brown and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

"I don’t know [Laughs]. That’s certainly going to be a challenge. I will say this about that kid, he is quite a dancer. We did a little dance thing at a Pro Bowl one year when he made it as a returner. His score was like a zillion times higher than mine, but either way that goes without saying."

Most would likely put their money on Brown to defeat Ryan in one match-up on Dance Dance Revolution - a video game in which choreographed dance moves are awarded points. While Ryan didn't say if that's what they were playing (he doesn't seem to know what it is anyway), it's a popular enough game one can infer that's what it was.

Ryan gave the Steelers enough praise in his press conference the suggestion he's killing them with flattery.

On the Steelers' defense:

At the end of the day, your good teams – you look at Pittsburgh with Dick LeBeau, you know what his team is going to be. It’s the same way with us. We know we’re going to end up first, second or third in the league every year. That’s the way it is with a Dick LeBeau defense. I’ve been fortunate to be around a lot of good defenses and then you usually get one team that shows up one year. Historically, and not bragging, but myself and Dick LeBeau are going to be in the top three, generally, every year. The teams that play great defense will continue to play great defense.

It would seemingly take a miraculous effort for the Steelers to reach a top three spot in any defensive category after their rough start, but Ryan believes they can.

It will be tough against a stout Jets defense, which, to Ryan's credit (and it seems like he'll tell you all about it), has made an impressive turnaround from last year to now. It's a huge reason why they're 3-2, heading into Week 6.