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NFL Week 6 picks: The weekend of underdogs

A 27-point line seems more like a novelty bet than anything. Not buyin' it. Go Jags, cover that college-like spread.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos' cartoonish -27 over Jacksonville isn't even the only double-digit spread this week.

San Francisco is -11 over Arizona and Seattle is -14 over Tennessee. These in turn attract the underdog bets. And I'm feeling kind of underdogish today. Underdogish...bullish even...including the Steelers' return to the win column along with taking the three points they're getting against the Jets.

A clunker of a match-up on paper leads off the week, as does my underdog covering rampage.

(Bold team is the predicted winner)

New York Giants (+8) over CHICAGO

Philadelphia (+2) over TAMPA BAY

Baltimore (+3) over GREEN BAY

KANSAS CITY (off) over Oakland

Detroit (off) over CLEVELAND

MINNESOTA (-3) over Carolina

St. Louis (+9) over HOUSTON

Pittsburgh (+3) over N.Y. JETS

Cincinnati (-7) over BUFFALO

SEATTLE (-14) over Tennessee

Jacksonville (-27) over DENVER

SAN FRANCISCO (-11) over Arizona

New Orleans (off) over NEW ENGLAND

DALLAS (-6) over Washington

Indianapolis (off) over SAN DIEGO