Your Team Is Awesome

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

For four games this season, I have made bets with opposing SBNation sites that the loser is required to write a 250 word FanPost describing the awesomeness of the winning team. So far, I am 2-2. My second loss came today, when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the New York Jets. So now, I have to explain to you why your team is awesome.

And I gotta tell you, despite a 1-4 start, the Steelers are, in fact, awesome. You know why? Because this year is a total fluke. Everyone knows that. The Steelers are perennially good, no matter what. They're just one of those organizations that are always competing for the Lombardi Trophy. They have SIX Super Bowl victories. That's six times as many as the Jets have, which is just absurd to think about.

I remember watching Santonio Holmes' game-winning touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals when I was a freshman in college at a friend's apartment. And that, I think, was when I truly realized how awesome the Steelers are as a franchise. No matter what, they're gonna be good in the long term. Always.

It's been a rough few years as a Jets fan opposing the Steelers. We've had one victory and the losses always seem to be crushing. But you know what? That's just what happens when you play the Steelers. No matter what their record, they'll give you all they've got, and they're just a tough team for anybody to face. They could be 0-16, and I still wouldn't take a game with them lightly.

Class as always demonstrated by Scott and Gang Green Nation. For the record, I'm sure I'll be writing one of these for his fine site in a few years. The Jets have a bright future right now. - nc

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