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BTSC Week 7 Power Rankings

Did the Steelers start climbing or was their win against the Jets a mirage in the desert?

Rich Schultz



The Broncos didn't cover their record spread. Hmmm. I guess even awful NFL teams are still NFL teams.


2. NE

I'd like to detract from New England's gutsy win in some way....blah blah blah no Jimmy Graham. They stuck it out and won a great game. Gotta give the Pats their's this time.


3. KC

The Chiefs defense is nasty. Pornographic. Caustically predating the all who recklessly aspire to dispute their prevailing sovereignty...but they haven't played anyone good, so let's not get too carried away.



4. NO

Blaming Rob Ryan is tempting. And he is to blame to some extent, but most teams can score if you give them as many chances as they like. Tom Brady will get all the credit and he's a factor, like Ryan, but the real story was the Saints inability to close.


5. SEA

Ryan Fitzpatrick led the Titans in rushing against the 'Hawks.


6. SF

3 in a row. The Niners overcame 4 turnovers against the Cards and Vernon Davis went ballistic on the Arizona secondary. Apparently, losing the league's best pass rusher to his own stupidity was a wake-up call for San Francisco.


7. IND

The Chargers are somewhat underrated, but the Colts finally faltered in last night's game. They are still a threat in the AFC, and it looks like their competition in the South is pretty weak. Expecting a home playoff game is not out of the question.


8. GB

Tough injuries to Cobb and Jones, but beating Baltimore was big for the Pack. They hadn't beaten a competent defense yet and pulled them closer to Detroit and Chicago. The Packers offense is still the best in the NFC North.


9. CIN

The Bengals held off a ravenous fourth quarter comeback from Thad Lewis and the Bills. They have a tough stretch coming up.



10. DET

Hanging 31 on Cleveland is nothing to sneeze at. Next week the Lions play Cincinnati -- that should be a slightly more difficult challenge since the Bengals have a good defense and a whole team full of 'Not Brandon Weeden's.


11. CHI

Beating the Giants isn't the shot in the arm it would've been last year, but the Bears big, physical wideout duo of Marshall and Jeffrey will take them places beyond a shrugging victory over the well-tanned hide of the Giants.


12. MIA

Miami has two huge divisional games coming up against Buffalo and at New England. The Dolphins need to improve on the ground -- they're currently 29th in the league with 69.6 rushing yards per game.


13. DAL

Huge game at Philadelphia next week. Then they go to Detroit, get Minnesota at home, and go to the Bayou to face the Saints. Apparently the Cowboys can hang in a shootout, which may come in handy against the Eagles.


14. BAL

They played the Packers close, but the Ravens were probably hoping to get their ground game rolling against Green Bay. They did not.


15. PHI

Nick Foles has been solid (127.9 quarterback rating, 6 TDs 0 INTs) in relief of Michael Vick and the Eagles rushing attack is second-to-none, but they can't stop anyone. Even Mike Glennon had a good game against them in just his second career start...and he's part giraffe.



16. SD

An impressive showing for what had been one of the league's worst defenses. The Chargers are mathematically incapable of winning 10 games this year if they fail to beat the Broncos or Chiefs at least once. While that certainly isn't impossible, it's going to be pretty damn difficult, as KC and Denver are arguably the best two teams in football right now.


17. CAR

Is their defense actually good? Seems like it. They rank 7th against the pass, 4th against the run and 2nd in points allowed. Not bad for a team that finished 18th in points allowed last year.


18. TEN

They hung in there in a rabid road game against Seattle, but this game may not have been as close if Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka doesn't get hurt. Seattle was forced to attempt a field goal with their punter and a fullback holding the ball -- that play led to 77-yard touchdown for the Titans.


19. CLE

The Browns couldn't stop Joseph Fauria in the 4th quarter and they slipped into second place in the mediocre AFC North. They probably wish they could have another shot at the rookie tight end, since he broke off another couple of goofy ass touchdown dances at their expense.


20. HOU

The Texans got smoked by the Rams and they lost Matt Schaub -- but their fans didn't seem to mind. Now they have to play the good team from Missouri in the loudest (read: drunkest, probably) stadium in the history of the world.


21. NYJ

They caught the Steelers at a desperate time -- and they paid the price. Probability alone could've predicted the turnovers, but the Jets defense was hobbled by a terrible game from Antonio Cromartie. And it would've been worse if he hadn't gotten away with so many holds.



The Rams took the flailing Texans by surprise on Sunday to the tune of a 38-13 heart-stomping at Reliant Stadium. The Rams ran just 41 offensive plays in the game and benefitted from 95 penalty yards and 4 turnovers from Houston. Not many wins are going to come that easily.



The Cardinals couldn't overcome their "self-inflicted wounds" -- as coach Bruce Arians put it.


24. BUF

That was a gutsy showing against the Bengals defense, who were fresh off an impressive showing against the Patriots.


25. ATL

Every game they've played this year has been decided by 7 points or less. The trend of losing those games may continue to some extent without Julio Jones and Roddy White.


26. MIN

The Vikings had 4.9 yards per pass attempt and 5.8 yards per rush. Too bad they were playing from behind for the entire game. Matt Cassel is probably on a short leash, but is Josh Freeman really an improvement?


27. PIT

Post Jets game feelings could only be captured by the Cos.



28. OAK

The Raiders will go into their bye week pretty beaten up as they prepare for the Steelers in Week Eight. Not a lot of injuries, just broken spirits after allowing 10 sacks against the Chiefs. At one point, the Raiders were tasked with converting a 3rd and 48 -- not a typo, 3rd and 48...Pittsburgh's pass rush finally did some damage against the Jets, so that may be a good sign for Woodley, Worilds, and Jones.


29. WAS

Just change it already. They should because it's the decent thing to do, but perhaps more importantly, so we don't have to hear about it anymore. How about "Mules" as a substitute, it's geographically applicable also!


30. TB

The Bucs scored a season-high 20 points against one of the league's worst defenses. Their own defense is 10th in the league in points allowed surrendering 20.2 a game.


31. NYG

Eli is on pace to throw 40 picks this year. The all-time high was set by George Blanda with 42 in 1962. I guess that's one way to compete with a record-setting brother.


32. JAX

Bridgewater to Blackmon.


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