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5 Burning Questions on the Steelers

Are the Steelers suffering an injury curse? Now its back to Paulson and Adams which will disappoint less? Are the Steelers starting the wrong man at ROLB? Answer these and other Burning Questions facing Steelers Nation.

David Johnson is simply the latest Steeler to go on to season ending IR.
David Johnson is simply the latest Steeler to go on to season ending IR.
Justin K. Aller

The Pittsburgh Steelers avoided going 0-5 by virtue of their win over the Jets. Victory notwithstanding, Steelers Nation still has 5 Burning Questions they must vanquish it before the Baltimore Ravens come to town.

1. The Levi Brown era ended in pregame warm ups and David Johnson goes on IR just as he's blossoming into a solid number 2 NFL tight end. Worse yet, the Pittsburgh Steelers are now averaging one season-ending injury per game. What the hell is going on? Can anyone explain?

2. With Brown and Johnson out, it now falls on Mike Adams and David Paulson to maintain "The Standard." Both men have had serious issue with their play but, of the two, which do you have more confidence in for the balance of 2013? (Or, if "confidence is too strong a word" who do you think will be the lesser liability.)

3. In his piece about the joy of savoring a single Steelers victory, Ivan Cole quoted Heath Miller as admitting after the game that he didn't even know who the Steelers next opponent was. Do you agree that this singular focus on the current week's opponent indicates a healthy focus in the locker room and if so, how does Mike Tomlin maintain that?

4. We're always told that both roster spots 47-53 and week-to-week decisions on "who gets a helmet" come down to who can contribute on special teams.

Yet in his MMQB column, Mike Westhoff shows just how much current rules promote touchbacks, and argues that this greatly diminishes the ability of special teams to contribute. If that's the case, then do you think that Tomlin and/or Colbert err in placing so much emphasis on special teams when it comes to guys on the bubble?

5. While linebackers like Lawrence Timmons, LaMarr Woodley, Jarvis Jones and even Vince Williams got credit for making splash plays (or almost splash plays in Jones case), Jason Worilds notched the team's first sack and, if ESPN's stat sheet is to be believe, led linebackers in tackles. Should No. 93 be in the hunt for more playing time?

That's it folks. Remember there is no time limit, you must provide your answer in the bluebook comments section provided below, and you need to show your work to get complete credit.

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