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NFL Week 7 picks: Much ado about the Broncos at Colts

You haven't heard about Peyton returning to Indianapolis? Really?

Andy Lyons

Did you know Peyton Manning is playing against his old team, the Indianapolis Colts, this weekend?

It's true. Colts owner Jim Irsay has been talking about honoring the Colts' franchise leader in everything from passing yards to audibles so much it makes one think he's sending a subtle message of annoyance over their break-up two years ago.

It's enough to make me think a frenzied primetime crowd in Indy will bring the Colts to their first signature win in their rise to glory.

How ticked off is Monday Night Football, though? Less than 24 hours after what will likely be the biggest quarterback love fest of the regular season, they get to show the Vikings at the Giants.

Are there spreads put on the ratings of broadcasts?

The Steelers begin their last-ditch effort to turn the 2013 season into postseason glory by taking on their rivals, the Baltimore Ravens. Neither team bothers to protect their $100 million quarterbacks, and running is allegedly emphasized, even though neither team can run for much of anything.

Steelers take this one in a classic down-to-the-last-possession Steelers/Ravens battle.

Seattle (-7) over ARIZONA

San Diego (-9) over JACKSONVILLE

DETROIT (-3) over Cincinnati

MIAMI (-7) over Buffalo

ATLANTA (-7) over Tampa Bay

NEW YORK JETS (+3.5) over New England

Dallas (+3) over PHILADELPHIA

Chicago (-1) over WASHINGTON

St. Louis (+6) over CAROLINA

San Francisco (-4.5) over TENNESSEE

GREEN BAY (-10) over Cleveland

KANSAS CITY (-7) over Houston

PITTSBURGH (-1) over Baltimore

INDIANAPOLIS (+7) over Denver

NEW YORK GIANTS (-3.5) over Minnesota

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