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Which Ravens player would you want on the Steelers?

The familiarity of the Ravens rosters in the minds of Steelers fans make several options for discussion. Weigh in with yours.

Andrew Burton

The Ravens have taken criticism for their slow start - but only half as much as the Steelers have. The argument can be made the main difference between these teams is one can get to the quarterback, and one cannot.

Therefore, selecting either of their outside linebackers, Elvis Dumervil or Terrell Suggs, would make a lot of sense.

Many clamored for the selection of safety Matt Elam when the draft speculation heated up last year. Baltimore ended up snaring him at the end of the first round. Many others banged gongs for Arthur Brown, the former Kansas State linebacker taken by the Ravens in the second round.

Haloti Ngata may, in fact, hunt humans in his spare time. Considering the savagery of his play. He's about as impressive a football player as one will see, and will likely have his way with Pittsburgh's interior offensive line once again.

Torrey Smith, 568 receiving yards. That's pretty nice.

One of the problems with having an enemy is one becomes very familiar with them. Steelers fans know the Ravens roster pretty well top to bottom, so this answer will be so diverse, we're not even going to pick one. Lots of good options here, we're leaving it to you to discuss.

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