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Cardinals fans 'rejoicing' over the Levi Brown trade

Readers at SB Nation's Cardinals site, Revenge of the Birds, seem happy with the team's decision to trade LT Levi Brown to Pittsburgh. Happy, or ecstatic.

The Steelers see something in Levi Brown many people appear to be unable to see.

That's one way of looking at their pending trade for the Cardinals' left tackle. From the Cardinals perspective, emotion seems to be taking over. And it's the good kind of emotion.

For them, at least.

SB Nation's Cardinals site, Revenge of the Birds, is abuzz with borderline V-E Day level celebration of Brown being purged from their roster.

One commentor wrote "........And there was much rejoicing!!!!!" complete with the multiple exclamation points.

A particularly clever commentor mentioned of the soon-to-be-former-No.-75, "Gate 75 now departing to Pittsburgh Please turn off all cell phones, iPads, and iPhones for take off"

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Brown.

ROTB editor Jess Root describes Brown as "maddingly inconsistent." Root also noted, "he will be good in the run game, do solid against rushers that are strong, but look really bad against great speed rushers."

The Steelers have a tackle - at least one - who fits that description. Combined, Mike Adams and Marcus Gilbert are less expensive than Brown.

It's also instructive to point out the Cardinals will replace Brown with Bradley Sowell, a 2012 undrafted free agent whom the Cardinals picked up from the Colts this year.

A commentor made light of Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians' statement this offseason that Brown is "an elite left tackle," something Arians appears to have gone back from now.

"Psst! Hey buddy! I got this Elite LT here in my trunk, its yours for a late pick, you can't go wrong!"

In all, it's pretty funny...if yours isn't the team that acquired Brown. If it is, you have to wonder how so much happiness can be found in the removal of a player that's supposed to improve the current team.

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