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Marcus Gilbert think Steelers plan for him is to stay on the right side

The acquisition of Levi Brown only suggests he'll play left tackle. Marcus Gilbert all but confirmed that Wednesday afternoon.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports
If it walks and talks like a left tackle, it's probably a left tackle.

Any idea of the Steelers possibly having traded for Arizona's Levi Brown with the intention of moving him to right tackle, while flipping Marcus Gilbert to the left side lost steam when ESPN reporter Scott Brown quoted Gilbert himself saying "I think the coaches feel comfortable where I'm at now. I think sticking to the right side is the plan for me right now."

Gilbert flirted briefly with the left side this offseason, but Mike Adams took over the spot during training camp. It's also the second consecutive year Gilbert finished a season with the idea he'd be on the left side the following year. He started in 2011 as a rookie at right tackle when Willie Colon was lost for the season in Week 1. After the season, the plan was to move Colon to left guard, while putting Gilbert at left tackle.

It didn't last long.

Colon did move to left guard, but the Steelers drafted Adams in 2012. With that, they moved Gilbert back to the right side. Gilbert injured his ankle midway through the season, and Adams took over from there - generally playing well, particularly in the ground game.

Adams took over left tackle heading into 2013, but after four games, it was clear he's unable to play the position. Brown was brought in, and Gilbert, again, will stay on the right side.

With the current state of flux among the line, though,