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Ravens vs. Steelers first half open thread

The Steelers meet their AFC North rival, defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore, at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Patrick Smith

The Steelers take on the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens in Week 7 action. You can follow the game along with many other Steelers fans checking in here to discuss the game.

Inactives are posted here.

We'll also post breaking news and other features throughout the day so make sure to keep an eye on the main page as well.

The second half open thread will be posted during halftime, and you should continue following along in what looks like it could be a very tight game.

After it, we'll have the game story as well as the immediate Winners and Losers column, along with all the other postgame news.

A few housekeeping rules...please keep the language somewhat clean, and refrain from malicious attacks against other members. We understand games like this (especially like this) can bring out the worst negative emotion possible, and being upset and expressing that anger is understandable, just don't take it out on other members.

Outside of that, enjoy the game, it's always a big one.