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Steelers Suisham heroic for second time against Ravens

He's hit 92.6 percent of his kicks since the start of the 2012 season, and has hit two game-winners against Baltimore, giving the Steelers two straight wins over their rivals.

Justin K. Aller

There was a time Steelers kicker Shaun Suisham was on the outs with Steelers fans.

A rough second half to the 2010 season led many to call for undrafted rookie Danny Hrapmann to take his spot, guaranteed salary be damned.

Suisham is still perfect this season, drilled four field goals, including the game-winner, against Baltimore and has hit 38 of his last 41 kicks (92.6 percent).

Was there a player more clutch than him Sunday? Sure,  you give him all the credit in the world for that final kick, but the three before that - two from over 30 yards - are not gimmes in a Ravens/Steelers game.

They're the pieces that set up the heroics. And Suisham has hit them all.

He's found a niche at Heinz Field that not only makes him the most accurate kicker in team history, he rivals only Jeff Reed - the kicker he replaced in 2010 - in the ability to kick at the Steelers' home stadium. In fact, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker may be the the only addition to that trio; the only three guys who can kick at what's generally known as the worst kicking stadium in the NFL.

The Steelers are fortunate to have Suisham right now, and for as much of a battle as the Steelers' latest 19-16 win over Baltimore was, it came down to the leg of a guy fans wanted out after the 2011 season.