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NFL Week 8 picks and point spread: An avoidable week entertainment-wise, but strong bets are abundant

The Steelers are giving three points to the Raiders in a place they don't usually win. Still, it seems safe to take the Steelers in Week 8.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports
Week 8 in the NFL consists of a slew of games that rival only the league's preseason in terms of watchability.

Starting with the league's insistence to cram the over-saturated market of the NFC South into something of substance, the bipolar Panthers travel to the internally combusting Buccaneers Thursday night.

All 275 fans of both teams will be glued for the match-up the world has been waiting for: Glennon v. Newton I.

Someone will have to confirm for me tomorrow Carolina managed to win this game. Great defensive squad over there, Star Lotulelei will be a, well, star. Yep. Went there.

Steelers fans have seen first hand what happens to teams when they play in London. They score points. Lots of them. Justin Blackmon will continue fighting Josh Gordon for the Explosive With Two Strikes award - he who fails a drug test first, wins...and loses. The Jags are going to keep this close. Thanks for another huge point spread.

Here are the rest of the picks.

Panthers (-6.5) over BUCCANEERS

Jaguars (+16.5) over 49ers (London)

CHIEFS (-7) over Browns

Dolphins (-6.5) over PATRIOTS

SAINTS (-12.5) over Bills

Cowboys (-3) over LIONS

EAGLES over Giants (no line)

Steelers (-3) over RAIDERS

Jets (+6.5) over BENGALS

Falcons (+2.5) over CARDINALS

BRONCOS (-13.5) over Redskins

Packers (-6) over VIKINGS

Seahawks (-10.5) over RAMS

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