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College Football Week 9 and NFL Draft Open Thread

The college season is starting to hit its cruising speed in terms of having a large amount of examples from which to analyze a player's pro potential. Discuss who you're looking at and who could be a Steelers target come May.

Gregory Shamus

While most of the country sits and waits to watch the quarterback duel of the year, sponsored by Draftniks everywhere, UCLA's Brett Hundley vs. Oregon's Marcus Mariota, the rest of the 260-some NFL draft picks will be in action across the land today.

While Alabama's Nick Saban is taking heat for criticizing fans who leave early from one of Alabama's many blowout victories, it turns out the school itself doesn't just frown upon fans beating traffic. They have regulations against it. The university's guidelines for the block seating lists "excessive tardiness or early departure from the stadium" as "unacceptable behavior," according to the Birmingham News.

That's insane. Here in Minnesota, fans are so supportive of their teams, they avoid the embarrassment of leaving early from a game by not going to the game at all. A "blocked seating" policy seems bizarre, even humorous.

Anyway...USC WR Marquise Lee will miss another game, giving fans less of a chance to see how he'll eventually stack up against Clemson's Sammie Watkins.

Who are you watching today?