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Raiders DC Jason Tarver apologizes for flicking off official

The flag was eventually picked up but not before Tarver dropped several expletives and the most universally well-known hand gesture was made. He'll drop an undisclosed amount of cash as well.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver is coming off what was perhaps his team's best performance this season.

It will come at a price, so to speak.

Tarver was expressing his disagreement with officials over a flag thrown on cornerback Mike Jenkins in the Raiders' 21-18 win over the Steelers in Week 8.

He can expect a fine from the league, but it's not what he said as much as it's how he said it.


via Deadspin

Tarver has since apologized, and reportedly has already been fined by the league.

Tarver's Lt. Cmdr. Jo Ann Galloway's "strenuously object" strategy appeared to have worked, the officials picked up the flag (even if a defenseless receiver was hit by a defensive player, which, according to the rules, should be flagged...just saying).

Raiders fans have to be pleased, though. Tarver shelled out cash from his own pocket to prevent a penalty, in a roundabout way. It's a victimless crime, in the end.

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