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Brett Keisel takes it upon himself to mention the need for better starts to games

Steelers defensive end and captain Brett Keisel will ensure his team is aware of the need to start much sharper than it did in a 21-18 loss to Oakland in Week 8.

Mitchell Leff

Call Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel The Sheriff.

While no Steelers player or coach (or fan) can be pleased with the way they started in their 21-18 loss to Oakland in Week 8, looking ahead, what's important is how they'll start games in the future.

Keisel was so put off by it - the Steelers allowed a 93-yard touchdown run on the first play from scrimmage, went three-and-out twice on offense and had a punt blocked, leading to another touchdown - he plans to say something about it.

Not that he'd have to say much. Few would be wise to argue with the particularly large veteran who happens to have two Super Bowl rings.

Everyone may understand the need to start a bit more sharply than they did in losses to Oakland and Chicago in particular. Bringing it up in the locker room and instilling the sense of urgency is the duty of the leadership of the team. The fact Keisel even says in the media it's something that needs to be addressed shows that urgency.

If it wasn't said Monday, it will be said Wednesday (players have Tuesdays off, and do not meet as a group). And hopefully Thursday. Friday seems like a good day to mention it as well. Travelling Tuesday, it would make good conversation on the plane ride to Boston. And 15 minutes before kickoff, it'd be wise to make sure everyone knows the importance of it.

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