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NFL Week 9 picks: Sleeper of a game Thursday for best game of the week

It seemed the Bengals at Dolphins game in Week 7 would be unworthy background visuals for Halloween Night, but it could turn into a good football game.

Chris Trotman

The 2013 season was to be the rise of the Dolphins, and possibly the year Cincinnati gets over the hump in the AFC North.

One of those things is certainly happening. The Bengals, at 6-2 heading into their Thursday night clash at Miami, are cruising through the division, three games up on Baltimore. The consistency of Andy Dalton, something of a missing ingredient the last few years, is pacing the defensive Bengals to this point.

The Dolphins are a sneaky competitive team with individual components, but inconsistent performances have drug them down.

It's rare to say a Thursday Night game might be a good one, but that's what we might have here.

Dolphins (+3) over Bengals

Falcons (+7.5) over Panthers

Cowboys (-10.5) over Vikings

Saints (-6) over Jets

Rams (+3) over Titans

Chiefs (off) over Bills

Redskins (-1) over Chargers

Raiders (-3) over Eagles

Seattle (-17) over Tampa Bay

Steelers (+7) over New England

Colts (off) over Texans

Packers (-11) over Bears