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NFL Week 5 Open Thread

Enjoy the bye week and see how other teams with wins this season are doing.

Wesley Hitt

The Steelers take on the New York Jets in Week 6, followed by their second AFC North game, a tilt against the Ravens in Pittsburgh.

Baltimore is at Miami at 1 p.m. and the Jets are in Atlanta for the Monday Night game, so if getting a look at the next few opponents the Steelers will play is your thing, you have a nice set-up today.

The Bengals are at New England in another 1 p.m. game, if following the division has your interest. That's the game I'm stuck with here. If you want to see which one you're getting, check out this link.

We'll still be here writing (probably mostly reading for me, look for a book review this week) so check back to the main page with any related news or commentary we scrawl throughout the day.

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