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Jets at Falcons Monday Night Football Open Thread

Watch the Steelers' Week 6 opponent, the New York Jets, take on the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football.

Gregory Shamus

The first half of the 2010 AFC Championship game was one of the most satisfying halves of football I think I've ever seen.

Tell me you weren't blacked out from screaming after you saw the fumble caused by Ike Taylor bounce cleanly into the arms of William Gay, with a convoy of black jerseys there to escort him to the end zone, and a 24-3 lead before the half.

Ah glory days...

Truly a great football game, though. The Jets were a better team that year than 24-3, and they showed it with some tough defense in the second half. Plus, it's better to think about booting them from the playoffs of the 2010 season than it was in 2004 - when Doug Brien missed two field goals, including one in overtime. The Steelers were just off that game, and the inevitable loss loomed large.

Anyway...the Jets are playing the Falcons tonight, so get a look and see if you can predict what the Steelers' strategy will be next know, other than not losing to the Jets.