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BTSC Week 6 Power Rankings

There's a new team at the top, but the middle is still pretty crowded.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
1. NO The Saints defense hasn't been the focal point in New Orleans recently, but they haven't allowed 20 points in a game yet this year. Pair that with their notoriously good offense, and you have what looks like the best all-around team in football. 5-0
2. DEN Offensive records are really super-cool, but maybe the Broncos defense should let Peyton Manning do all the record-setting. 5-0
3. KC With Ryan Fitzpatrick's help, the Chiefs rolled on to 5-0, but can they beat a good team? 5-0
4. IND Wow. Another 4th quarter comeback for Luck and the Colts -- against what might be the league's best defense. Their own D has been good enough to keep them in games, and that may be all Luck needs from them. 4-1
5. SEA The Colts are for real, so losing to them shouldn't be a huge knock on Seattle. The Seahawks have a soft stretch on their schedule coming up (TEN, @ARI, @STL, TB). They may be more focused after faltering against Indy. A quick turnaround is probable to say the least. 4-1
6. NE

That was Tom Brady's worst game since 2007 in terms of QB rating. It doesn't happen often, but when Brady can't do his job -- for whatever reason -- the Pats don't win. Big test next week as they host the Saints.

7.CIN They've got the D, but Andy Dalton hasn't improved the way Cincy was hoping he would. If their running game picks up the slack, Dalton could manage this team deep into the playoffs. 3-2
8. SF Stomping Houston would've been a lot more impressive a few weeks ago, but you've gotta give some credit to San Fran. Their two losses have been to Indy and Seattle. Considering their running game, their defense, and a relatively soft schedule, this is probably still a playoff team. 3-2
9. GB The Packers are a well-oiled offensive machine, but they've lost both of their games against top-flight defenses. With Baltimore and Cleveland up next, they will have to show that they can score on the NFL's best. 2-2
10. BAL They squeaked one out against a tough Miami team employing their longball strategy of big pass plays and lots of pass interference. Hey, it works. Why not? 3-2
11. MIA

Tough loss to Baltimore, but this team has put up a fight every week. They lead the AFC East in scoring and trail the Pats by just one game. Net two are: BUF & @NE.

12. DET The Lions hold the tiebreaker over the Bears so far. Megatron will probably be back next week for Detroit's trip to Cleveland. Things might be tight in the North. 3-2
13. CHI Losing to the Saints isn't shameful by any means, but willfully employing Jay Cutler is. Bears fans don't even like him. 3-2
14. HOU

Four pick sixes in a row for Matt Schaub. Randy Harvey of the Houston Chronicle thinks the team quit on Sunday night. Hard to argue with that. If the Texans don't turn it around, coach Gary Kubiak might not escape the guillotine like he has in the past.

15. NYJ I had the Jets at #25 last week. Did they really just jump 10 spots because they beat the underachieving Falcons? I guess so. That's how muddy things are in the middle. 3-2
16. CLE Okay. So maybe trading Trent Richardson wasn't that dumb. The Browns defense has been really impressive this year. Their next 5 are: DET, @GB, @KC, BAL, @CIN. Should be a good way to gauge exactly how impressive they are. 3-2
17. ARI This is a pretty stout defense too, but it'll be tough for them to compete with SEA, SF and the rest of the NFC for a Wild Card spot. 3-2
18. PHI 2-0 in the crummy NFC East is a good foothold for the Eagles to focus on. They have two more divisional games at home against the Cowboys and Giants coming up -- wins in those contests could put them on the fast track to hosting a playoff game, despite being a very flawed team. 2-3
19.DAL The Cowboys have given up 81 points in their last two games, but on the season -- just like Sunday -- they've scored more points than everyone but Denver. 2-3
20. ATL At least Jacquizz Rodgers is completely adorable, right? They aren't really this bad, are they? 1-4
21. CAR The defense played pretty well in Arizona, but they're probably going to lose 95% of the games Cam Newton throws 3 picks in. The next 3 up are winnable: @MIN, STL, @TB. 2-3
22. TEN Ryan Fitzpatrick. 3-2
23. BUF Thad Lewis. 2-3
24. OAK Terrelle Pryor had a good game, but the Chargers turned the ball over 5 times. Even the Raiders aren't going to lose many games to teams that hand them the ball that often. 2-3
25. SD The loss in Oakland did some serious damage to their playoff chances this year. Not only are they 3 games back from the Chiefs and Broncos, but they're also in a one game hole in the division. Turnovers are killing them. 2-3
26. WAS They don't get to play the bottom-feeding Giants until December, but RGIII is supposedly getting healthier, so perhaps they can win a few games before then. The real question mark is the defense. 1-3
27. STL Beating Jacksonville doesn't earn you much respect, but hey, 2-3 is good enough for first place in the NFC East. The Rams gave up 20 points to the Jags, which is like giving up 40 to anyone else. 2-3
28. MIN NFL Fairy Tale: Once upon a time, Josh Freeman was kind of okay for a little while. The end. 1-3
29. PIT

The Jets looked pretty decent last night. Which is a huge compliment compared to how one would have to describe the Steelers at this point. Tomlin and Co. would love to be pretty decent right now. You might not think much of the Jets, but they won last night because they didn't turn the ball over...


30. TB Well, Mike Glennon can get comfortable now. At least until the Bucs and their league-worst passing attack take the field next week. He can't do much worse, right? 0-4
31. NYG The Giants have a nice, round -100 point differential this year. 0-5
32. JAX The Broncos have already hurt the Jaguars' feelings, and they haven't even lost the game yet. 0-5

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