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Ryan Clark thinks the Steelers will make the playoffs

It sure looks like a player simply sticking up for his team, but Clark didn't mince any words. Can Pittsburgh back up this bold claim?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Clark told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Alan Robinson he thinks the Steelers have what it takes to turn an 0-4 start into a playoff berth.

"I just believe we can win. That's just the bottom line...I think we have the people in this room, the coaches (to win). Also, looking at our schedule, we're not playing world beaters, we're not playing gods. We're playing men."

His words will likely be met with some sarcasm by some. And rightfully so. Only one team in NFL history has done what the 8-year veteran is talking about. The Steelers haven't given spectators any reason to believe they can win enough games to stay out of the cellar, let alone make the playoffs.

Clark has already gone on record as saying the team's problems lie in execution rather than effort. If that's true, the need to start lopping off some heads...quickly. Harsh critiques from the coaches and wishful thinking from the players will get this team very little if they don't do some positive things on the field.

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