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Levi Brown: 'I'm not necessarily sure (Todd Haley) is in my corner

The newest Steelers player, offensive tackle Levi Brown, was brought in from Arizona, where he had previously worked with Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley. According to the Post-Gazette, Brown didn't get the impression Haley endorsed the decision to trade for him.


The Steelers pulled off a rare in-season trade, acquiring Levi Brown from the Arizona Cardinals.

He was the fifth overall pick of the 2007 NFL Draft, eventually working with Todd Haley, the current Steelers offensive coordinator. Reasonable thought would suggest Haley's opinion was sought out before the deal, and considering the trade went down, it stands to reason Haley gave his stamp of approval.

Unless you ask Brown.

According to Post-Gazette reporter Ed Bouchette, at the very least, Brown has memories of Haley not thinking too highly of Brown as a player.

"Well, you know, Todd is an interesting fella. Let's just leave it at that," Brown said, as quoted by Bouchette. "Me and Todd -- I mean, everybody has their arguments. I'm not sure he's like necessarily in my corner, but, at this point, I'm here, so, obviously, he liked that fight in me, so I appreciate it."

Liking the "fight" in Brown is alright. Many would probably rather have heard "he thinks I'm a great player," or something to that effect, but it's certainly an attention-grabbing quote, especially considering Haley's past spats with players - both former and current.

Perhaps Haley was just pushing him. Such tactics are mandatory of players selected in the top five of a draft. And maybe it's better players don't feel like their coach is their best friend. Whatever the case is, Bouchette did not have a quote from Haley (coordinators are usually made available to the media on Thursdays), and at least to some extent, the two will have to make it work.

The alternatives aren't all that appealing.

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