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A draft pick is not involved in the Steelers' trade for Levi Brown

What, exactly, the Steelers gave Arizona in exchange for veteran offensive tackle Levi Brown isn't quite clear, but a source confirmed with Post-Gazette reporter the deal did not involve the Steelers' sending a draft pick to the Cardinals.

Christian Petersen

Post-Gazette reporter Ed Bouchette cited a source confirming the Steelers are not giving up a draft pick in the trade for Arizona left tackle Levi Brown.

Trades, by definition, involve two or more equally motivated parties giving up something in exchange for receipt of something else. From what we can glean from this transaction, the Cardinals are picking up the bulk of his salary, and the Steelers, according to Bouchette, are not giving up a pick.

"...Yet, they were willing to pick up $3 million of the $3.7 million owed him this season to peddle him to the Steelers for what virtually amounts to nothing -- "conditions" that do not even include a 2014 draft choice, a source said."

What did the Steelers give up, then?

Is this back payment for having provided them with several coaches over the years? Their current coach, Bruce Arians, was Pittsburgh's offensive coordinator from 2007-12. He replaced Ken Whisenhunt, who was the Steelers offensive coordinator from 2004-06.

Kidding, of course. Maybe.

It's possible the amount of money the Steelers will pay Brown is tied to incentives based on playing time, but even that would seem to pale in comparison to the acquisition of a player with experience at a position of need. The Guy Whimpers of the league continue to get a paycheck based on such things.

In the end, it doesn't appear this is a trade at all; more like a way to circumvent the tedious player contract termination process. If it's accurate, the Steelers gave up basically nothing, and simply signed a free agent to compete at left tackle.

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