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5 Burning Questions on the 0-4 Steelers

Tomlin kept his promise to make change, but will it be change for the better? What second guessing are you doing at 0-4? And if you had your 15 minutes of fame in the South Side press room... how would you use it? Answer these and other Burning Questions on the 0-4 Pittsburgh Steelers?

If BTSC is right, Steelers Nation will see a lot more of number 29 soon...
If BTSC is right, Steelers Nation will see a lot more of number 29 soon...
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Week 5 of this season brought the bye week to Pittsburgh an hence the Steelers enjoyed their first non-losing weekend of 2013.

Our beloved Black and gold are bracing for a game vs. the newly resurgent New York Jets, but before they can embark on that challenge, 5 Burning Questions remain for Steelers Nation to wrestle with.

1. Last week we asked if the Steelers should consider bringing back Max Starks (again) only to see news events overtake us in the form of the Levi Brown trade. What do you think of the move?

2. Following the Steelers Loss in London Mike Tomlin vowed roster changes, and Tomlin made good. What do you think of the moves involving left tackle, defensive end and, as reported exclusively here on BTSC, Shamarko Thomas and Ryan Clark?

3. The Steelers have started 0-4 for the first time since the Bill Austin era and perhaps for the first time since the Austin era have made two in-season acquisitions for two starter-capable players. Since they both involve the offensive line and the Steelers are playing the Jets, is it fair to second guess the decision to push Willie Colon out the door?

4. The indignity of the Steelers 0-4 start happened to coincide with LC Greenwood's untimely death. Everyone agrees that the original term "Steel Curtain" referred to the four some of Greenwood, Ernie Holmes, Joe Greene, and Dwight White.

Do you think it is appropriate the Steelers Nation has adopted the term and applied it liberally to other Steelers defenses since then and/or more generically to "all things Steelers" or do you think out of reverence use of the term should stick to its original meaning?

5. Apparently when you're 0-4 even the local media doesn't care what you have to say...

....So, imagine that Neal Coolong and SB Nation were able to rustle up some press credentials to get you into South Side representing BTSC. What (serious) question(s) would you have asked Tomlin?

There you go folks. Have at it.

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