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Lawrence Timmons delivers big hit on Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel

Timmons' patience and discipline keeps Manuel in the pocket where Timmons tees off on him, giving him his first sack this season.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Lawrence Timmons was one of the bright spots in a Steelers' defense that rebounded well from last week's beating to suffocate Buffalo in Week 10.

The Steelers allowed just three points on the opening drive, and after what was clearly a false start by multiple members of the Bills offensive line and tight end, they scored a touchdown on the game's second-to-last play.

It doesn't make up for the shot Timmons put on rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel.

In what had to be one of the biggest hits a Steelers defender has made this season, Timmons crushes an unsuspecting Manuel, the first of three sacks the Steelers had in Sunday's win.

Along with OLB LaMarr Woodley being held by the right tackle, the Steelers, are getting good pressure on the play. Jarvis Jones had been brought around the arc of the pocket, but Manuel didn't find a receiver. He began looking to escape just as Woodley was shoved to the ground (his left arm being held).

Timmons wisely sees his contain responsibility on the play, and doesn't overpursue. Instead, he waits just long enough to get square and deliver a huge hit on Manuel.

The Steelers defense rebounded very well from last week, but with seven games still to go, this team is still largely stuck in "Prove It" mode.

At least we have this clip to remember from this season.

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