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Ike Taylor, Ryan Clark, Mike Adams earn top grades from Pro Football Focus

The play evaluation web site did not give the Steelers high marks for their 23-10 win over Buffalo in Week 10, but a few individuals stood out.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Considering the Bills were held to 2/3rds of their season rushing average, one might think Steelers' defenders might have returned better individual grades from Pro Football Focus, a play evaluation web site that scores individual players on a per-play basis.

That wasn't necessarily the case for the Steelers in their 23-10 win over the Buffalo Bills in Week 10.

Free safety Ryan Clark and cornerback Ike Taylor received equal 2.3 grades, both standing out in pass coverage. The Steelers defense allowed just 10 points, and 227 yards, with their lone touchdown coming on the game's final offensive play (and despite an obvious false start that should have ended the game), but the defense received a 6.3 grade overall.

Not terrible, but the unit has scored higher with less thorough defensive performances.

It still topped the offense by quite a bit.

Reserve OT/TE Mike Adams got a 1.7 to lead an offense that had only seven of 18 players in the positive column. Tight end Heath Miller received a -5.3, the lowest grade the site has ever given him. Center Fernando Velasco received a -4.4, and offensive guard Guy Whimper received a -4.0.

Both quarterbacks received negative grades in the game - Buffalo's E.J. Manuel received a -2.6 and Ben Roethlisberger received a -1.3.

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