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5 Burning Questions as Pittsburgh Prepares for "Megatron"

How much of the Steelers slow starts are on the coaches? Just what could Ben Roethlisberger net in a trade? Do the Steelers have any hope of containing "Megatron?" Answer these and other Burning Questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Is Tomlin considering playing Ben a little at DB to stop "Megatron?"
Is Tomlin considering playing Ben a little at DB to stop "Megatron?"
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

In a battle of bottom feeders, the Steelers won some self-respect in beating the Bills, but this week's contest brings contender in waiting Detroit. But before leaping to the Lions game, Steelers Nation must first resolve these 5 Burning Questions.

1. Prior to the Jets game, Neal Coolong argued that giving more snaps to Cameron Heyward would boost the defense. A day later, Mike Tomlin named Heyward his starter and Cameron Hewyard has been a bright spot since.

Since our esteemed editor apparently has Mike Tomlin's ear, what other changes should he request? (Note, you're limited to immediate roster/line up changes within Tomlin's power make.)

2. Question two requires you to have read not one but two must read pieces in advance, or at least have the ability to speed read and cram.

Using penetrating statistical analysis, our own PaVaSteeler breaks down Pittsburgh's quarter-by-quarter performance, and concludes that the Steelers are allowing the team to show up unprepared. However, Rebecca Rollet, drawing on her background as a chorus conductor, counters arguing that many aspects of pre-performance preparation are simply beyond the purview of even an NFL head coach.

Who is right?

3. You are Art Rooney II. The big news of the Bills game wasn't the action on the field, but the rumor that Ben Roethlisberger wanted out of Pittsburgh. Forget the "who leaked what" questions and "inaccurate or accurate" answers.

Instead, name an offer that another NFL club could make, assuming salary cap issues can be made manageable, that would force you to at least waffle on your "not trading Ben, not now not ever" stance?

4. Watching Mat McBriar's 25 and 36 yard punts made me long for the days of Mitch Berger and Paul Ernster; Not! But it did get me thinking. How much more dominant would Steelers 2008 defense have been with the benefit of a real punter?

5. One week ago Steelers Nation watched in horror during the Patriots pulverizing as Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Dobson, and Danny Amendola combined for 395 yards. If you're Dick LeBeau, what do you do to stop "Megatron" aka Calvin Johnson?

There you go folks. Remember, number two dark pencils prohibited, looking at your neighbor's paper is mandatory, but you must show your own work. Have at it!

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