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Winners and Losers from Steelers 37-27 win over Detroit in Week 11

A night-and-day first half on defense still had two outstanding performers.

Joe Sargent

Ben Roethlisberger - Eight words: Ehe Eff Cee Offensive Player of the Week. End line, 29-for-45, four touchdowns, no turnovers, 367 yards. Simply put, he bullied the Lions.

Antonio Brown - Seven catches, 147 yards, second multi-touchdown game of the season, and proof positive he is as dangerous as he needs to be with the ball in his hands.

Jason Worilds - Sometimes a guy is placed outside the shadow of his more well-known brethren, and when the spotlight is on him, he shows he belongs in that class. Worilds led a Steelers pass rush absent LaMarr Woodley and Brett Keisel, and racked up four quarterback hits, seven tackles and a sack.

Cameron Heyward - It's perhaps blasphemous to even suggest this, but Heyward represents one of the largest increases from one year to the next since Troy Polamalu his rookie year to his second year. Heyward isn't going to gain that kind of attention, but he's pure destruction on a snap-to-snap basis now.


Heath Miller - Another multiple drop game (and no, I'm not docking him points for the miss in the end zone), but he was hammered blocking on the edge quite a bit. The Steelers employed a strategy of throwing the ball 80 percent of the time, and part of that has to be due to an entire tight end group that cannot block.

Guy Whimper - While it's hard to tell on one viewing whether left tackle Kelvin Beachum belongs on this list as well, we'll chalk up a smoker's cough of a performance in the running game to Whimper's lack of mobility and flexibility. Anyone who's willing should contact the Steelers to see if anything can be donated to help Ramon Foster's injured ankle.

Ike Taylor - Nevermind coverage (Calvin Johnson's deepest touchdown wasn't on him), the fact he dropped what had to be, all exaggeration considered, the easiest interceptions he'll ever see makes him worthy of this list.

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