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A rare Double Renegade leads to two second-half turnovers

Last week the Steelers implored the powers of the Renegade to make a key interception against the Bills. This week, the fans at Heinz Field got to see a rare Double Renegade that led to two turnovers in the second half.

Will Allen returns his fourth quarter interception as Ryan Clark leads the way with a block.
Will Allen returns his fourth quarter interception as Ryan Clark leads the way with a block.
Gregory Shamus

If you were lucky enough to go to Heinz Field to see the Pittsburgh Steelers' comeback against the Detroit Lions, you were also fortunate to experience a the Steelers highlight montage, Renegade, twice.

The first time came in the third quarter as the Steelers' defense took the field after a Shaun Suisham field goal that brought the game to 27-23 in Detroit's favor. While the delivery of the renegade magic didn't come until the fourth quarter after the Lions had driven the ball into the red zone, the defense still delivered a clutch fumble recovery. Here's a video of the first Renegade as Steelers fans got excited during the muggy weather.

As the game went on the cold and the rain did not stop Steelers fans from getting excited about the fumble recovery by Ryan Clark or the touchdown catch by Will Johnson.

However after the Will Johnson touchdown catch, the Steelers' defense took the field again and the Heinz Field scoreboard showed tweets from fans calling for a #DOUBLERENEGADE. The second one led to the defense producing a turnover via Will Allen's fourth quarter interception. Luckily we have video of this Renegade moment, as well as the interception that followed.

Apologies for the yelling and noise, I forgot all about professionalism when I realized Will Allen actually had the ball. Either way, I've been lucky enough to see three Renegades accompanied by three turnovers in a matter of two straight weeks. Fortunately I thought to bring out my camera this time.


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