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Are the Ravens hungry, or are they "too hungry" to lose to Steelers?

The current state of malnutrition among John Harbaugh's squad is reason enough for a Ravens victory, as it turns out. Baltimore hosts Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving night in what looks to be another classic game between two playoff candidates.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

When a team reaches a point of hunger that's beyond basic comprehension, they cannot be defeated. That apparently is the level at which the Baltimore Ravens currently reside, Tweets Baltimore Beatdown writer Zachary Beard (@OneHairyBeard).


We like Anthony Smith Zach, we don't mind poking some fun here and's one of The Bearded One's more comedic moments. He left this on the table, though...all he needed to do was make one reference of the word "composure," and Frank The Tank references could have taken this to a whole new level.

Perhaps that's the motivation here. While starvation (or the threat of it, maybe that's something they should notify the NFLPA of) apparently motivated the Ravens to snap out of a funk that saw them lose four of their previous five, they feasted noisily on the fat juicy fatness of Geno Smith's home cooking (two picks and a fumble, giving him seven picks in his last four games). Few are better hosts (two picks against the Steelers at MetLife Stadium), but his reputation is even more warranted as a guest.

He didn't just mind his manners, he brought the whole freakin' feast to Baltimore. A horrendous day for Smith in Baltimore's field-goal heavy win.

Put another shrimp on the barbie Geno!

G'day, Zach! Is Smith hungry, or is he starving, like the 5-6 Ravens? They're not hungry, they're "too hungry."


(It's in all caps so it's an even higher level of guarantee...this sucka's insured by the FDIC)

Clearly, one AFC North team bit the dust this weekend, while two took a step ahead. The fourth team sat back and watch, high up top their perch over the other three. All teams will watch the famished Ravens host the Steelers on the Day of Food and Thanks, Thursday, from M&T Bank Stadium.

The Ravens encourage fans wishing to contribute to the gorging of the famished Ravens to donate to local food shelves. No one can be too giving in this the start of the season of giving (except Geno Smith, of course).

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