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Steelers injury report: Steve McLendon may have a broken ankle

It doesn't look good for the Steelers' fourth-year nose tackle. He left FirstEnergy Stadium on crutches. Back-up cornerback Curtis Brown appears to have suffered a significant knee injury as well.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers nose tackle Steve McLendon rolled on the ground after a play in the first half against the Cleveland Browns in Week 12. a camera shot of his face seemed to indicate two things; 1. McLendon was in some pain, and 2. McLendon seemed to know exactly what the issue was.

Never a good thing to see on a player's face.

McLendon will have an MRI Monday, and the results are expected to indicate a broken ankle, which would likely place him on injured reserve, ending his 2013 season. It may not be broken, but ligament damage to an ankle can be worse than a break. Either way, it's a certainty McLendon will miss at least Thursday's game at Baltimore.

Curtis Brown also suffered what appeared to be a significant knee injury. With a boom mic right by where Brown laid on the turf, hearing his agonized voice strongly suggested he is going to miss some time.

Rashard Mendenhall tore his ACL untouched while running on the field at FirstEnergy Stadium in 2011, and it appeared the same thing happened to Brown.

Expect some roster moves to be made this week. With little time to prepare for the Ravens, the Steelers will likely plan to start Al Woods at nose tackle - he had two sacks filling in for McLendon in mop-up duty against Cleveland.

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