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Ben Roethlisberger named MMQB Special Teams Player of the Week

It's unlikely the NFL will recognize Roethlisberger in a similar way for his one punt downed inside the 1-yard line against Cleveland, but it shows some results from Roethlisberger's "by all means necessary" approach during the team's hot streak.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

In a tongue-in-cheek nod to Roethlisberger's beautiful 29-yard pooch punt that pinned Cleveland inside its one-yard line, Peter King named him one of Monday Morning Quarterback's Special Teams Players of the Week.

Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback/quick-kick punter. Pittsburgh. Play of the day. Fourth-and-18, Cleveland 29, midway through the fourth quarter. Roethlisberger in the shotgun. Takes the snap. Pooch-punts the ball toward the left pylon on the goal line. It bounces. Emmanuel Sanders sprints down. Downs it at the Cleveland 1-yard line. Thing of beauty. In his other job Sunday, Roethlisberger threw two touchdown passes.

It was an outstanding kick, to be sure, and Roethlisberger runs his 'Weekly Awards Won' streak to two. He was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week after his performance against Detroit in Week 11.

The "by all means necessary" approach Roethlisberger has added to the "one week at a time" mantra he's been repeating since the team's 2-6 start is starting to blend together.

It's contagious, as is his penchant for winning league honors.

You can take to the bank William Gay's receipt of AFC Defensive Player of the Week award after a sack and forced fumble led to a touchdown, as well as an interception he returned for the game-sealing touchdown against Cleveland.

But they're taking it one game at a time. One award at a time.

(nod to reader David for pointing this out)

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