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5 Burning Questions as Steelers Nation gives thanks for Rivalry Week

If "400 yards passing is the new 300" does that mean 80 yards rushing is the new 100? Who should start at nose tackle for the Steelers? Should Steelers Nation be concerned about giving up a 200 yard receiver last week? Answer these, and other Burning Questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers

Al Woods played well vs. the new Browns. Can he repeat vs. the old Browns?
Al Woods played well vs. the new Browns. Can he repeat vs. the old Browns?
Matt Sullivan

After looking 2-6 square in the face, the Pittsburgh Steelers have now won 3 in a row by beating the Browns in Cleveland. Before the Steelers can seek to extend their streak to 4 Turkey Day in Charm City, Steelers Nation must first answer BTSC's 5 Burning Questions, rivalry week edition.

1. The Steelers victory over the Browns was hailed as the return of Blitzburgh, for a game at least, by some (OK me). Yet Josh Gordon torched the Steelers secondary for over 200 yards. Does this expose a chink in the Steelers armor or is it merely an example of garbage time glory?

2. Commentators constantly remind us that when examining today's passing totals, one must account for "inflation." The "400 yards passing" is the "new 300." Do you accept this? And if so, do you also accept that any evaluation of the Steelers running game must take into account some "rushing deflation?" given league wide tendencies?

3. Steve McLendon dominated in the first Steelers-Ravens match up. But he's out this week. Its been said many times that Ziggy Hood's athletic talents are better suited for nose tackle as opposed to defensive end. Assuming Brett Keisel is healthy, is now the time for the Steelers to find out if Hood can in fact cut it as a Nose Tackle? Or should they start Al Woods?

4. Mike Tomlin said it was an honor to play on Thanksgiving. Yet the Steelers have had very bad luck on Thanksgiving Day, with Steelers Nation having suffered through both the Thanksgiving Day Massacre and the Coin Toss in the modern era alone. What makes you think the Steelers can break the Thanksgiving curse on their second road game of this AFC North Rivalry Week?

5. Our final question begins with a caveat, and that is hopefully everyone has plenty of non-football reasons to be thankful. But beyond these far more important issues, what about the 2013 Steelers are you thankful for?

Here you go. Have at them everyone.

And of course Happy Thanksgiving!

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