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Winners and Losers from Pittsburgh's 22-20 loss to Baltimore

Big cheers for a running back and a tight end, but that one receiver? ummm...

Patrick Smith

Le'Veon Bell - The stats may not reflect it - 16 carries, 73 yards and a touchdown (should have been two) - but Le'Veon Bell led this team in the second half, and played some of his most inspiring football yet.

Heath Miller - Baltimore just didn't want anything to do with Miller in the middle of the field. Nothing at all. Eight catches on nine targets, it's remarkable he's made it back from a torn ACL, and it hasn't even been a year since it happened.

Jason Worilds - A team-high 10 tackles, two sacks and three more quarterback hits. This is getting a little crazy now, but there really haven't been too many better pass rushers over the last three games than Worilds.

Lawrence Timmons - He hit everyone. He got Ray Rice to freak out. He was all over the place.

Kelvin Beachum - He did a phenomenal job of handling Terrell Suggs tonight, and let him stand as representative of an offensive line that did an excellent job throughout the game. The highly touted Ravens defensive line had zero sacks, and only hit quarterback Ben Roethlisberger three times. Considering the destruction Baltimore usually causes, it was beyond impressive.


Emmanuel Sanders - It's hard coming up with words to describe how disappointing Sanders was in this game. We can be certain, when he hits free agency, two teams that will not put bids in for his services will be Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Only if he would have stripped down to his jock and had advertisements plastered to his posterior could he have displayed himself in a worse light.

Shaun Suisham - Timing and rhythm are everything for a kicker, and sometimes, it just isn't there. But Suisham tried to do his best Troy Polamalu impression, approaching the line well-before the ball was snapped, absent-minded, and clearly thinking heavily about a 50-yard field goal Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has still not clearly explained why he has the confidence to try.

Ike Taylor - Ya think Miami will go deep at Taylor at some point next week? Maybe once a series? They have that one receiver, ya know...Bad game all around for Taylor, but he had help.

Will Allen - Bit badly on really nothing, allowing Torrey Smith to run clear down the middle for a relatively simple catch.

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