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Steelers vs. Patriots second half open thread

The good news is the Steelers are kicking off to start the second half.

Jared Wickerham

The Steelers won the coin toss, and deferred their choice to the second half, a step out of the usual for them.

It didn't help.

The New England Patriots gave the Steelers as savage a beating as one team can take over one half of football, and lead 24-10 at halftime. The excitement for the Steelers was provided on a 27-yard touchdown pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown, and a 30-yard run by Jonathan Dwyer.

Outside of those 57 yards, the Steelers have gained 168 yards, turned the ball over twice and have been completely destroyed in their once-heralded pass defense by Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. The tight end has 119 yards and a touchdown on seven catches, and if not for pass interference from rookie safety Shamarko Thomas, it would have been two touchdowns.

It made little difference, as Stevan Ridley scored from a yard out two plays later.

The Steelers will kick off to begin the second half, and make sure to stick around after the game for what appears to be an extensive Losers list in the weekly Winners and Losers column.