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Le'Veon Bell: 'I still have to get better at a lot of little detail things'

Bell's rookie-like statement trivializes the importance of detail work, such as catching the ball and running the correct play.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell avoided a dreadful rushing performance with a nice 25-yard run on a scoring drive in the third quarter. Not quite enough to make up for the two big drops he had, or the gaffe that required his quarterback to press the line of scrimmage to avoid a sack and take hits from two Patriots defenders on the play.

The last one did earn him a tongue-lashing from Ben Roethlisberger.

Bell was contrite after the loss.

"I still have to get better at a lot of little detail things," he said, according to Tribune-Review reporter Ralph N. Paulk.

Yes, those pesky, annoying "detail things," like which direction you're supposed to run, and why it's important to secure a catch before turning up field to run through a lot of green.

Those details don't matter, Le'Veon. This is all Todd Haley's fault anyway.

While the aim here is not to advocate the starting role be given to Doghouse Inmate No. 27, Jonathan Dwyer, nor is it suggesting a player should be benched for his comments to the media, but something to the effect of "he gets really nervous when around the media" had better come from his agent or the team in an effort to explain the glib, unassuming stance of his comment.

Plus, suggesting he "still (have) to get better" is along the same lines of a response given by someone who feels he's being praised, but he's dusting the compliment off, making sure people know his four catches on 10 targets (an appallingly low percentage for a running back) isn't quite good enough.

Before you get too excited about your 139 yards on 26 touches and no touchdowns, let's think about all the detail things that go into becoming the complete back your current position says you are.

Then let's remember Jonathan Dwyer had two touches for 53 yards, caught his one target, and seemed to run the play that was called in the huddle on the 11 snaps he got Sunday.

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