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The life and times of on-again, off-again Steelers cornerback Isaiah Green

Green would be a prime candidate to set a Steelers record for transactions in a year, if such records were kept. He's had "the talk" with Steelers coaches and personnel three times, indicating his release. He's been signed back three times as well.

Justin K. Aller

It's a curious cycle of calls to the office for the wayward fringe-roster NFL player.

It doesn't quite fit into the "journeyman" label, he never really leaves. He may even continue to work out at the team's facility. But the constant hurry-up-and-wait status players like cornerback Isaiah Green has to be maddening.

Green is, as of Tuesday, back into "wait" mode, as he was released - again - by the Steelers, this time, in favor of defensive back DeMarcus Van Dyke.

Wearing the number of former Steelers running back Willie Parker, Green has been added and removed from the Steelers roster at lightning speed. Sort of like Parker's 75-yard touchdown run against Seattle in Super Bowl XL, but running in the opposite direction.

According to the team's transactions log, Tuesday marked the sixth time since September Green has been involved in a Steelers roster transaction. He made the team out of training camp but was released on Sept. 2, and signed to the practice squad Sept. 4.

He was added to the 53-man roster on Sept. 17, only to be released again on Oct. 2 (NFL rules require a player to remain on the active roster for three weeks, it's unclear what the exception is here). He was signed back on Oct. 15, and for good measure, he was released Nov. 5.

For the record, he's also been released from the practice squads of the Indianapolis Colts and the Buffalo Bills.

A lifetime of transactions all packed into an 15-month period. That's the life of the 54th player on a team.

According to Ed Bouchette of the Post-Gazette, the Steelers told Green not to give up his Pittsburgh-area apartment.It's unclear that even needs to be said. He seems to be a part of a roster move once a pay period, giving him a bizarre sense of job security.

Judging by the cycle he's currently on, he can expect to be a part of another transaction soon.

After all, there is still a spot open on the practice squad.

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